Hey everyone.

Welcome to 2013.

2013 has been absolutely life changing thus far. My Dad has been cured from his lung cancer, and I’ve lost 40 pounds.

Since I’ve talked to you guys last, my Dad had his surgery to remove 3 ribs, and his tumor.


I’ve also lost 40 lbs since December.

I’m primarily writing this entry to give you guys my goals for 2013 regarding ballhawking.

1. Go to 6 new stadiums. (Great American Ballpark, Miller Park, US Cellular Field, Progressive Field, Camden Yards, and Nationals Park)

I have a trip scheduled with Erik for April 5th-7th that will hit those first 3 I listed, but I’m sure I’ll be hitting the rest this summer.

2. Beat Zac Weiss’ single season record of 228 balls.

I’m very determined with this goal. I want to be in the Top 10 on MyGameBalls this season, and I want to be a threat to the rest of the ballhawks. I’m gonna be going to at least 60 games, so I think this is very attainable.

3. Stay healthy.

I’m gonna need this to get all my other goals done, so this just has to happen.

4. My on the fly catches.

I think this will be better this season, because I’m not too bad at catching. Last season I was just testing to see what worked. I want the majority of my balls to be on the fly catches.

5. Stay focused during BP.

It’s hard to get out of focus during BP, and I know I need to stay focused to get my 228 ball goal. Can’t talk as much to everyone either.

Thanks for reading this, and I’m gonna try to update this sorta regularly.



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