I’m alive.

Hey everyone.

Clearly, I haven’t been very active on this. I’m not gonna make excuses, I just didn’t feel like doing this anymore. I really don’t have the time between hanging out and sleeping. (I do a lot of sleeping) I promise to be a bit more active next season, but I’m gonna be doing a lot stuff on here throughout the offseason.


This season ballhawking was absolutely amazing, and I met some people I truly consider to be great friends. It’s really crazy what kind of connections you make with people after being at the ballpark day after day. But, I just wanted to give some individual shoutouts to some people who made this year awesome.


Erik- Where can I start? You were the reason I started ballhawking, and you’ve taught me a lot about ballhawking, and stuff. It was absolutely awesome ballhawking with the person’s who blog who got me into this awesome hobby. Congrats on your second child.


Zac- Man, you dougie hard man. Your life is literally sports, and it’s amazing how much of a work ethnic you have. Hopefully you’ll be back next season. If not, you’ll be chasing something way different than baseballs, your dream. Good luck pal.


Rick- I had fun with you this summer dude. I hope you don’t move down Florida, because you’re the man. I can’t believe you sat in that park every game, all game long. Thanks for hooking me up with tickets. I’m forever grateful.


Ian- Finally someone who shares the same music tastes as I except for Shawn B. Keep it real man. It was fun throwing with you and Harold. Have a good offseason, and hopefully your eBay sales pick up.


Nick- I’ve never seen someone get into the zone as much as you do. You’re a really good dude, and I hope to do some road trips with you and Erik next season. Have a good offseason with your kids.


Mateo- First off, you’re an excellent writer. You have a lot of ambition, and I hope to ballhawk with you at some point next season. I absolutely love your blog. Thanks for all the tips throughout the season.


Shawn B- Where do I start with you? I love your music, and you’re a elite ballhawk. I hope to ballhawk with you next season. We’ll hang out for sure. You’re a good dude. Thanks for everything you’ve done this season.


It’s been a rough end of the season, and a rough offseason thus far taking care of my Dad. If you haven’t heard my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer on September 16th, 2012. He finished his last chemo session yesterday, and he’s gonna have surgery next month or January. He may have chemo after the surgery, then he’ll be cancer free. Very fortunate. If you’re gonna be in the Pittsburgh area sometime in the spring, I’m thinking of having a softball tournament to raise money for lung cancer or something of the sort. Just saying.


Now for ballhawking, I finished the year with 67 balls, a game high of 6 balls, 3 games of 5 or more balls, and a 10 game streak of at least 1 ball. My average ended at a 2.48. I had 4 clean catches on the year. (I know this isn’t much to a lot, but it is to me, so yeah) They were Denard Span, David Freese, Ryan Ludwick, and an unknown Brewer.


For my ball totals, I counted a ball too I probably shouldn’t have counted, and didn’t count some I should have, so I’m sticking to 67. I’m gonna be laying out my goals sometime in the offseason for next season.


Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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