What I do between homestands, I have a life, I promise!

This will be the second part of this segment. This segment will be in between the Giants and Marlins series. I actually didn’t make it to the Saturday game of the Giants series since Matt and I were doing other things. Basically, all I’m gonna do is dump some pictures, and give some captions.

Matt and I took a trip to Splash Lagoon in Erie, PA on Saturday. If you’re not familar, it’s an indoor waterpark. It’s more kid friendly, so if you have kids I’d highly recommend it. We had more fun swimming in the lake. This is a picture on the way home, as we were on our way to my best friend Trevor’s grad party.

Matt and I went to Kennywood the next day. This is us on Garfield’s Adventure. We got the ride stuck, because they had the awesome idea of putting us both in the front. We’re both really big dudes, so it was pretty hilarious.

We visited the Carnegie Science Center hours before his plane took off, and the air guitar was pretty cool.

This is a picture of us right before he went through security. Excuse the dirt on my shirt. :p

It was really awesome meeting someone you’ve known for years, and finally actually physically seeing them.

More pictures!

I met Max and Rick at Hampton High School with Brendon to hit some baseballs. I sucked, but Max and Rick were hitting them left and right!

Trevor and I made our weekly (more like daily) trip to Denny’s. The iPhone 4S’ quality is absolutely astounding.

After games you can usually find me here. From left to right, it’s Trevor, Brendon, and Tyler. Brendon is trying to make a valid point I think. I’m usually here from 10 PM to 3:30 AM every night just about. Chilltown.

We’ve also dusted off this game. THE greatest game ever. We’ve been playing it nonstop the last few weeks.

One of my friends finally uploaded this picture from graduation. This picture from L-R is my friends Nasser, Me, Chris, Brendon, and Devin.

I finally got to visit my friend’s grave with Trevor. We finally found where he’s buried, and it was really nice to see him. Our friend Jimmy took his own life in December of 2010. Very sad, because he was just a good person all around. RIP.

Back when I was working at Kmart, we tried to load a table into someone’s SUV, and forgot the tile pops out of the table, and it shattered. Thought it was pretty funny.

This is kind of it. I’ll have the Marlins’ series up soon.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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