Pirates v Astros; July 5th, 2012

Today would be one crazy day. Originally, I had plans to go to BP, then walk across the bridge into downtown to see “Annie” with my Mother, then after that, I would drive home to get my car, then pick my friend Matt up at the airport. I’ll talk about Matt in my next entry. Our meeting is pretty legendary to say the least. I won’t spoil too much, but I’ve known him since I was 15, and I’m 20 now. Try and process that one.

I tend to write these entries about two weeks late, so I forget a lot of the details.

Well, I was shut out all of Pirates BP. I had a lot of drops, and that was just beyond frustrating. That is something I’m really going to work on over the offseason is my catching. I really think I could be a Top 10 ballhawk on mygameballs next year if I could catch, because I plan on buying a full season plan for next season.

I would end up getting Ball #1 off a scrum in CF. I was told it was Brian Bogusevic. I was so relieved, because I was just getting really mad. There would be a string of righties off the Astros, so naturally I’d make my way over to LF. It was beyond crowded, and I was convinced I would only get one ball.

I would have my chance for another ball, but of course I would drop it. I asked this kid for the ball. I’m going to call him a kid, because he was acting like one, also I had no idea who he was.

He said something back to me, and I thought it was something normal like, “Sorry man, I can’t” or “I’m not allowed” According to some people in the front row he said, “Time for a new glove”. I don’t know. I’m not sure why people have to be so jerky about stuff. People seemed to be more pissed off than I was. Oh well.

Again, I would get my chance for another ball, and I screwed that one up as well. I had my infield glove on, and I feel if I had my new glove on I probably would have made the catch, but oh well. It literally bounced out of my glove. Lucas Harrell (I think) would flip me the ball, and that would be Ball #2.

Did I mention it was unbearably hot during BP?

I would actually go home to watch the game, then Matt and I would have a fun weekend ahead of us.

I’m not going to give pictures of balls for the next few games, because silly me forgot to number them, and I only have like 3 blank balls. I usually give a ball or two out at every game I go to if I’m in a good mood. If you doubt my totals, ask any ballhawk at PNC. I wouldn’t lie about something so silly. 🙂 (Besides, I’m not even that good!)

Thanks for reading these. I’m doing the rest after work tonight. I tried to get this one in as fast as I could, but I get distracted on Facebook pretty easily.



  1. Quinn

    Sounds like a bad day Robbie. There will always be better days though. I have actually been reading your blog since you started it, but have never gotten a chance to comment on it. I saw you at the Pirates game by the Marlins dugout on 7/20. You where standing with Zac Weiss. I was the kid with the Marlins hat and shirt on and asked Zac if he got the ball that he got in the 3rd deck of the stadium, and he said yes. I would have said hi to you, but you didn’t know me, so I didn’t say hi. I ended up getting 2 balls at that game, even without BP. One of the balls was a Marlins Park ball. How many balls did you get that day?

    • Robbie Sacunas


      First of all, thanks for reading! It’s great to hear from a fellow reader. I actually didn’t see you, I’m sorry. I feel pretty bad, hahaha. Please do introduce yourself next time you see me. The next games I’ll be at is in August against the Dodgers. I actually got shutout that game, sadly. That’s awesome you got those commemorative balls. I’ve been trying to get those Astros and Marlins balls, but no luck. Oh well.


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