What I do between homestands, I have a life, I promise!

So, I’m gonna turn this into a reoccurring thing. I had this idea driving somewhere, and basically I’m gonna recap on what I do between homestands, because I’m kind of interesting. I’m lying.

On Monday, I decided to hit up the batting cages with my friends like we always do when we’re bored. It’s either that, or Denny’s. It’s usually both. I’ll have some pictures up down below, but I did okay I guess. My first swing, I cracked the ball a good 50-75 feet. That’s actually good for me, believe it or not. I’m working on it though.

Here are some pictures my friend Taylor took. Basically looking like the champ that I’m not.

This one is my favorite for sure.

A few days later, I would purchase the week old album “Oceania” by The Smashing Pumpkins at Best Buy. If you read the last entry, you’ll know they are my favorite band. I was so stoked to get this. I highly recommend it. I give it a 7/10. Not their best work, but it’s still an awesome listen.

Wednesday night, my parents would get me the iPhone 4S as my birthday present. It’s pretty sweet. I look pretty tired, because I am typing this. After my parents’ 4th of July party, and being up half the night blogging, it’s showing.

I turned 20 years old on 3:23 PM on June 29th. I didn’t have pictures for anything birthday related, but I did take a picture of my half eaten Chipotle. Jealous? Also! I had to come back and edit this. My friends and I went to Denny’s as I turned 20, and I had a drunk girl kiss me 3 times, so that’s cool I guess? She was pretty trashy though…

On Friday, I would be sharpening my hitting skills with some friends at a local t-ball field. I would crack a few over the fence, and it felt absolutely great. I sucked at little league, and every sport I’ve ever tried. So tearing up a t-ball field at 20 was a little belated glory.

I almost forgot! I would indirectly find an easter egg outside our local Denny’s. Wish I could count it!

That’s all I got for now. You guys like this different side of the blog?

Thank YOU for reading once again, it means the world for me.



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