Pirates v Tigers: June 23rd, 2012

I’m going to keep this relatively short, because I don’t think you want to hear a lot about today for how bad it was. Today was absolutely insane. I knew it would be insane, but the center field gate was a mess. An absolute mess. I warmed up with Zac Weiss and Max for a bit. Got hit in the inner thigh from a bounce from Zac. It bruised a bit, but it wasn’t that bad. 😉 I was really hoping my streak wasn’t gonna end today…

Now, the PNC staff really dropped the ball for the gate opening time. I had an idea of the gate opening time, which would be 2:00, but I had no idea we were confined to the riverwalk until 2:30. First, I was tricked by this, second, they acted like they had 2 lines with the barricades, but at the last minute they nope’d out of that. They just made it one big line. I cut through that line, because I wasn’t about to wait in a 60 foot line. Not happening.

I finally made it in there, and waited around with the rest of the ballhawks, and the entire city of Detroit. It seriously felt like it. There were kids shagging balls for the Tigers BP, and I shoved my way to the center field bowl gate, and shouted up for a ball. Surprisingly enough, we made eye contact, and he didn’t throw it. 😦 I’m really not surprised, because I’m sure he was told he wasn’t allowed. Plus, Justin Verlander was there, and probably would have beat the kid’s ass. Oh well.

As 2:30 rolled around, all of us would line up at the RF bowl gate in hopes of finding easter eggs. Erik snuck up there during the Pirates BP, and didn’t find anything. I asked an usher if he saw anything during the Tigers BP, and we were told there were 2 balls there. Nick and I were gonna be the first ones in there, and it was definitely gonna be a rat race. When the clock hit 2:30, I pushed the door in on accident, and kind of boxed Nick out. We luckily both found easter eggs, but I definitely would have given him Ball #1 if he didn’t get one. I would have felt real bad.

I spent the majority of BP in RF with Harold trying to get something. Finally a ball got hit to the wall, and I called out someone on the Tigers for the ball, and I got Ball #2. I wanna say Phil Coke tossed me the ball, but it doesn’t matter. I was just glad I was able to get more than 1, because it was a tough day for all!

This is all for this entry really. I spent the rest of the day in CF almost getting a ball, but it was just packed. Absolutely packed with people. I’m glad the Pirates won though. Stay tuned for the next entry, and thank YOU for reading. I do this for you guys, and it’s great that some people are actually reading this.

If you look closer, you’ll see my favorite band. <3SP


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