Pirates v Astros; July 3rd, 2012

Today was interesting to say the least. It consisted of no Pirates BP, an Astros coach yelling at me, thunderstorms, my streak on the line, ticket upgrades, a low number of balls, but not all in that order. Keep this in mind, I usually get to PNC around 3:30-3:45. I went down the local Hardees to fuel my Mother’s addiction to fountain drinks around 2:30, and while I was walking across my front yard it looked really dark out. I didn’t check the weather, because I figured it wouldn’t rain. If you’re not from Pittsburgh, let me inform you how dry it was. It didn’t rain here for like 10 days. So, I’m thinking “Please no, I already paid for these tickets”. My college friends and I were gonna meet, and see the game. I checked my radar, and it looked like 2 bands of storms, which it was. I made the heroic trek down to PNC in a thunderstorm. (lol@me, I live 5 minutes away)

But I made it down PNC, and found Max on arrival. If I haven’t talked about Max, let me do that. He’s a kid from Oklahoma who is here in the summers with his grandparents. He’s only 15, and he is a fantastic baseball player. If he keeps it up, I can see him playing D1 ball. We threw for a bit, and 3:45 rolled around with no one showing up. I hoped we would be the only ones there in hopes of the Astros taking BP, because it was looking like it was going to clear up. But to no surprise, everyone slowly started coming in. I swear we have the toughest ballhawks in Pittsburgh. They don’t call it the “Ballhawking Capital of the World” for no reason. πŸ˜‰

So, some of the Pirates pitchers would come out to stretch and throw. At this point I’m really nervous my streak would be over, because if the Astros BP was like yesterday it would be hard. After trying to get a ball for a while from the pitchers, I head over to the prize wheel as usual in between BP’s. I’ve been having great luck this week. I got my tickets upgraded to the PBC for my friends and I, and I had free tickets yesterday which will come in handy for a game soon.

The day slowly got better when the Pirates pitchers ran off the field, and Kevin Correia threw a ball in the air that was a huge scrum that I snagged off the ground for Ball #1! Thank god I’m on the board. It take a lot of pressure off, especially on a day like this. Kevin has been hooking me up a lot lately. I wish he would play a lot better, because he’s such a cool dude. Hopefully he’ll get back on track after the All Star Break.

I would make my way over to the CF seating bowl for the 5:30 opening, and get in there. Rick hooked me up with the glove trick while we watched the game yesterday. So, I was hoping to try it today. I found my chance in CF, so I got it, and I asked a teenager from Houston if I could get between him so I could do it. He obliged, and I tried. (I later found out my sharpie wasn’t in the glove. Go figure.) This coach walks up to me, and snaps, “In my country, that’s considered stealing” I said, “Oh really” He replied with “Yeah” in an all pissed off tone. Whatever. Must suck to suck. Go tell that to the hundreds of ballhawks who use this trick. Go back to your country, this is ‘ermica! He did smack Rick’s glove trick with the bat. I don’t know why there is a need to be a jerk about it.

I noticed Justin Maxwell was handing balls out like candy, and after a few ballhawks got one. I asked him, “Hey man, you think you could toss the next one to me” He said, “Yeah”. So, I was sure I was gonna get it. I would get it from him about 5 minutes later, and I said, “I’ll give it to this kid from Houston”. He threw it up to me for Ball #2! I gave the ball away to the same teenager who let me get in between him for the glove trick, and that would be all I would get today. The rest of BP was pretty meh. Jim Saylor complimented me on giving that ball away, and told me how it’s hard to find people like me anymore. I really appreciate the kind words and respect, especially from a seasoned veteran like himself. During BP, I made small talk with this teen who has been to a lot of stadiums, and x amount of games. Over 200, if I remember correctly. He was telling me how he’s never got a ball. I felt sorry for him, and flipped him a ball I still had in my bag from yesterday. The reactions you get from people when you give them balls are absolutely priceless, it’s always awesome to give.

I would make it up to my seats with my friends in the PBC, and they weren’t bad at all.

They wanted to go for a walk around the 6th inning, so that meant I had more time to get balls. I sat here for an inning when the Pirates broke it open.

I then made my way over to CF, and met up with Max and Ian. We watched the 7th inning together, then I made my way over to the bullpen. I would watch the rest of the game there until Hanrahan screwed it up, then I walked over to the handicapped fenced section in RF. I watched Drew Sutton smack that ball, then after it landed ran to the bullpen. I don’t know what Euclides Rojas and Herbie Andrade have against me. They make eye contact with me, and NEVER give me a ball. Herbie gave me one ball all year long. They have been giving me evil looks since I asked Rojas for a ball in spanish. I even made a head nod with Rojas, and he just starred me down. I’m not sure what their problem is, but whatever. Herbie isn’t the “nicest dude in baseball” to me at least which apparently he is to everyone else. I don’t know, maybe he just doesn’t like me. Whatever. Hopefully this is a huge misunderstanding.

I’ll be headed to the game tomorrow, (July 5th) but you won’t hear about until Monday at the earliest. My friend I met on the PS3 is coming up from Florida tomorrow, and we’re gonna meet for the first time. How awesome is that? Either way, it’s gonna be a little bit. Hope you guys had a great 4th of July. I’m finally getting some sleep. I’ve been blogging for about 3 hours now, and I’m at my breaking point.

The one ball I gave away, and the other I lost today at my 4th of July party. We lost like 4 balls. Sorry guys. 😦

Keep it real, and thanks for reading once again!


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