Pirates v Astros: July 2nd, 2012

Today would be just frustrating to say the least. I’ll tell you right off the bat (no pun intended) that I ended up with only 2 balls when it could have easily been 5. I got pretty screwed more than 3 times, and it was just making me mad. Even ask Rick and Ian, it was a rough day for me.

Pirates BP would be boring as usual, but I would ask fan friendly Jason Grilli for a ball, and I would have to work for it. He had the ball, and asked me, “How many stitches are on this ball?” I straight up said to him, “Dude, I have no idea at all.” He then asked a bunch of people, then said, “108!”, and tossed me the ball. I’ll remember it for next time! That would be Ball #1, and nothing better than to be hooked up by Jason Grilli. Personally, I think they should trade the Hanrahan, and put him in the closer position, but that’s a discussion for another day.

I would later be hooked up by Kevin Correia for Ball #2.

That would also be the 2nd ball I got from him this year. I met him at Piratefest, and he was really nice. He told me how they team straight up sucked during the 2nd half. His first ball he threw me was bobbled by another fan or something, but luckily I played the “I didn’t get the first one” card, and he hooked me up for my 2nd of the day. Rad.

I would station myself in CF from 5:30 on for the 1st time all season. I was getting not only irritated, but hurt in RF. It’s too steep and I manage to cut myself everytime I’m up there. I’m done. It’s an extreme wild card with having better luck with toss ups rather HR’s. CF was extremely crowded, with only a few chances for balls.

This was to my left in CF


This was to my right.

Look at the guy in the yellow. Okay, found him? I honestly wish PNC Park would fire this guy. He steals balls from us, and puts them in his bag. I don’t know if he follows the rule for picking up balls (You have to give it away), but he’s just a jerk. If you look at the row he’s standing in, Jim Saylor, Rick, and I were trying to help Jim get a ball out of the bushes. I was standing on the seat, and he yelled. Let’s not forget I was standing on the wall with the hands on the railing. God forbid he has to go back, and clean the seats. Sorry for having to do your job pal! I’m not one to talk about someone on a public forum, but damn.

Did I mention the Astros were anti-tossup today? Absolutely awful. I got boxed out by a fellow ballhawk for a HR that I easily would have gotten. Between that, and no tossups, it was just an awful day. Things did get better though.

Rick offered me a seat in 141 next to him which were Mike’s season ticket seats. Mike is a veteran ballhawk, who is one of the nicest guys ever. Why were we sitting in his seats you ask? He had seats in a box somewhere, either way it was a great gesture by both of them. Thanks guys! Ian Weir would come to visit us from like the 4th inning on. We had fun.

Now, the times where I got screwed. The 2nd time would be a tossup from Drew Sutton in RF. We made eye contact, and he threw it right to me. So, let’s play a game I’d like to call, “Visualize Robbie trying to catch a ball with other people with hands” He threw it to me where I was 2nd-3rd row, and if I made the full extension for the ball I would have had it, but “other people with hands” didn’t let that happen. There was this guy who didn’t let me extend all the way for the ball. While this guy was sabotaging me, he also knocked a beer out of a woman’s hand, and in turn went all over her. Which led to Drew Sutton thinking I had the ball the entire game, which led to no more tossups, which led to be getting mad, which led to finishing the day with 2 balls. Oh, did I mention I made eye contact with Andrew McCutchen multiple times, and didn’t get anything with my bright yellow shirt?

Rick, Ian, and I made our way down to the umpire’s tunnel at the end of the game in hopes of a ball. I had the best position for a ball. We made eye contact, and he gave them all away to kids. Go figure.

I ended up with 2 balls today, but I actually don’t have the balls anymore. One of them I gave away to a teenager the following game, and I lost the other one in the woods at my 4th of July party.

Oh well. Thanks for reading!


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