Pirates v Twins: June 20th, 2012

Today would be game 2 out of 3 for the Twins series, and the last Twins game I’ll be attending. I was lucky enough to have gotten these tickets as a birthday gift for one of my best friends Jarrod. We found $25 All You Can Eat seats on Stubhub, and he got them as soon as he saw them. To be perfectly honest with you, I felt that the food was just okay. Maybe it was the fact that it was really really hot, and it didn’t sit well with my stomach, but I can’t be that critical when they were free/half off tickets. Today would be an awesome day for ballhawking, at least for me.

I was meeting Jarrod inside PNC around 5:30, so I went to the park straight after work, and got to the gate around 3:30, and played catch with Ian for a bit, then headed over to LF. I would drop a Kevin Correia tossup, and fellow ballhawk Nick would grab it. I was definitely having an off day from the start, because I was dropping a lot of balls on the bridge. Oh well. Kevin Correia would shortly after hook me up with a tossup from a hit to the wall for Ball #1.

Pirates BP was normal. Slow and boring. I’d say about halfway through BP bullpen catcher Herbie Andrade hooked me up with a tossup for Ball #2. One thing I noticed during the Pirates BP was a HR that took a nice dive into the RF seating area, so I was bound and determined to grab that at 5:30? Would I?

In between BP, I went over to the prize wheel, and got an MLB Network Bag yet again. I told them it has been multiple times, and they hooked me up with the discounted bleacher seats. That should be nice for HR hawking, or just getting into the park. That prize wheel is really convenient, because in the 10 minutes between hitting you can just go over, and grab your prize, and not have to wait in the ungodly long lines during the game.

The Twins BP was absolutely exciting. I would run up the RF stairs at 5:30 to find that HR from earlier for Ball #3. I’m not sure who hit it, but whatever it’s a ball. I would get an unknown Twins player to hook me up on a tossup for Ball #4.

This next ball would be absolutely great. I watched this Twin hit this ball smack to right field in the front row in between Section 142 and 143. I ran from the 144 side of 143, and got my glove out, and in between Rick and a few other fans made the catch for my very first on the fly HR! This would be my final ball which would be Ball #5. I honestly didn’t think I made the catch, I was in complete shock. I closed my glove, opened it back up, and saw it. I was convinced I lost it. Rick told me I had a look like I didn’t even have it, and that’s exactly what I thought. Rick said it he thought it was Denard Span, so we’re going with him. He would later make a game winning catch near the North Side Notch, which if he didn’t make that catch we easily would have swept the series.

That would be it for BP. Jarrod and I would grab some food, and settle down for a bit in our seats. I was bound and determined to get that elusive Ball #6, but would I? I thought of going to the bullpen, and getting a warmup ball, because I didn’t feel like walking all the way over to the dugouts from the outfield. I asked Herbie for another ball, and he gave me a bit of a mean stare. I then asked Euclides Rojas for a ball in spanish a bit later, and he just looked at me very weird. I knew I was saying it right, but needless to say I asked the whole bullpen, and they weren’t gonna give it to me. Oh well, 5 is good! Right?

The Bucs would lose 2-1.

I suck at writing 8’s. Seriously.

Fun Facts:
Game: 5
Season: 19

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