Pirates v Tigers: June 22nd, 2012

Today sucked. That’s really all there is to it. I was deathly afraid of losing my streak of 1 ball a game that was at 4 games up to this game. I knew I was gonna lose it Saturday, so I was just trying to get it to 5 games. It was an awful day even before gates opened. I was playing catch with Rick and Max, and we were trying to throw the ball through the arch holes on the bridge. My sunglasses fell off, and the one of the lens fell out. I tried to repair it up until the gates opened, but I had to sit through BP looking like this;

I look like a Pirate. 😉 I’m not mad about those sunglasses at all. I was due for a new pair to be perfectly honest. I got them for under 15 bucks on a lot of discounts at Sears back when I worked there in 2010-2011. I got some really good Rawlings sunglasses at Dick’s for like 34 something, and they’re absolutely fantastic.

If this day couldn’t get any worse, I’d be lying to you. A ball rolled to the wall, and I asked coach Mark Strittmatter if I could get a tossup, and I finally became a victim to one of his various trivia questions. I actually became a victim around 6-7 times, then I finally got a question right. It was 10-15 minutes of me feeling really really REALLY stupid, but I ended up with Ball #1, so it wasn’t that bad at all. The question I got right is, does the Dominican Republic have a 4th of July?

Answer: Yes. Think about it.

I made my way over to RF as my usual routine goes, and there were virtually no lefties during BP, with the exception of Prince Fielder, but he hit one HR to right, and it hit off a railing, and bounced back down onto the field, and that was it for balls being put up into RF. A few went into center, but it was just so crowd there I didn’t even bother.

I ended up with one ball during BP, and I was really disappointed. I was hoping to get a warmup ball like I did during the Twins series, but I figured my chances were very slim. I saw Alex Avila was doing a throwing session on the first baseline in right field, so I put on my Tigers hat, then ran from 109 to there, and as he was throwing I asked a pitcher who straight up told me no when I asked for a ball. I patiently waited until Alex was done, and threw up my glove. Before I could get the words out of my mouth for a ball, I had Ball #2!

I went back up to my seats to talk with my Mother for a bit, and there I saw Ramon Santiago was done throwing, and he was coming down to the dugout. I sprinted down the stairs, and before I even had a word out of my mouth the usher told me I couldn’t be between the dugout seats in the aisle. I swear the only usher at that park I like is my usher in 109, and the extremely old guy on the 3rd base side. That’s it. But my next best option would to jump up and down like a kid behind the dugout seats when he walked over. As he walked to the dugout I screamed “Santiago!”, and held up my glove. I got a solid underhand toss over the section for Ball #3!

I was very happy I ended up with 3, since the Tigers are my 2nd favorite team, and it’s cool to have balls from them. Especially Alex Avila, he seems like a stand up guy. The Pirates would shock everyone, and not let Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder get any hits. The Bucs would win 4-1, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m sure my streak is going to end tomorrow? You agree?

The 3rd ball is in my car I think. It’s our other throwing ball I think?

Fun Facts:
Game: 3
Season: 22

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