Pirates v Twins: June 19th, 2012 @ PNC Park

I was really excited about these 3 teams coming into Pittsburgh for interleague play. I’ve always wanted to see the Twins, and for the two games I went it, it was a blast! A lot of things have happened since the Royals series.

I watched my best friend graduate high school. So proud of him, he’s easily one of the smartest people I know. Trevor is in the middle, and that’s perfectly normal for his family what they’re doing.

This is the cap tossing thing.

Another cool thing that happened was my first trip to White Castle. 3 of my friends and I made a 2 hour trip to Akron, and I’ll be perfectly honest with you, it was just okay. I dunno, I figured it would be a foodgasm, but it just gave me erratic bowel movements.

That’s my friend Nasser posing with the aftermath. We got 30 burgers. Can’t beat the price. It was only like 35 or something?

But back to baseball…

I would arrive at the park with my friend Devin around 3:45-4:00, and we would warmup with a catch session on the bridge with Erik and Zac. We would be one of the first people in as usual, and the Pirates BP was SLOW. Ball #1 would come from “J-Mac” James McDonald. It was just a ball to the wall, that I asked for, and he was happy to give it to me. Before this happened, I greeted him, and he greeted me back. He seems like a really nice guy. He’s gonna be the Pirates ace soon.

At some point in BP, I was getting really mad, because I was missing my chances, and I was visibly mad. I guess this kid felt bad for me, and he gave me a ball for Ball #2. When I say kid, I mean he was my age, so it’s not like I’m taking balls off kids. We struck up a conversation, and apparently the one goes to Slippery Rock with me? It’s a small world. To get off topic, I was at Kennywood, and I met a kid on the Aero 360 that goes to Slippery Rock, and he’s from Maryland, and had the meanest southern accent. -cue “It’s a Small World-

At 5:30 I would head over to RF, and hang with Harold which has become my usual routine. I didn’t find any Easter Eggs, but Devin came in handy. A ball hit by one of the Twins landed right under his seat, and he grabbed it for Ball #3! I wouldn’t get anything else during BP, and I would miss a home run by inches, and slammed my glove on the ground out of anger, because it was the last ball of BP. I thought I would be finished with 3, but it’s not over until the fat lady sings. 😉

Devin wanted to know where my 20 game plan seats were, and I showed him on our way up to the grandstand. We got 5 dollar seats from my job at Kmart. (If you donated 5 dollars to the March of Dimes, you get a free ticket, can’t beat that!) I noticed the usher who is always there was working, and I asked him if we could sit in the same section I sit in for my season tickets (109), and he said under the condition that we don’t swear, aren’t obnoxious, etc. So, we got 30 dollar seats for 5 bucks, and it paid off for ballhawking. I saw Jamey Carroll was playing catch in front of the dugout right before first pitch, and I just held up my glove, yelled, and I got #Ball 4!

Devin and I proceeded to watch the Pirates lay a beatdown on the Twins with a final of 7-2. Right as the 8th inning started, we made our way over to the umpire’s tunnel to attempt to get a ball. We ran into Rick, and we proceeded to sit down in the dugout seats where no one was sitting down. An usher caught us, because Devin almost tripped over me getting into his seat. There were a bit of exchange of words. He said, “You can’t sit here.” I came back with, “Come on man, there’s like 2 outs left.” “There’s one out” -cue menacing smile- I said something, can’t even remember. He snapped with, “Go back to your seats” I said, “Whatever” and I walked away before I got really pissed. This is what put me over the edge. “If you didn’t give me a smart remark, you could have stayed here” I will never understand ushers, honestly. I proceeded to walk a few sections down, and walk slowly back. I would end the night with Ball #5 with a tossup from home plate umpire Rob Drake. I would give this ball to a kid who was looking for a ball that the ballgirls shoot up into the crowd after the game.

What will tomorrow bring?

Ball #14 is in my car, and it’s my catching ball with friends since we lost Ball #5

Fun Facts:
Game: 5
Season: 14

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