Pirates v Royals: June 9th, 2012 @ PNC Park

Today would be my second day of ballhawking, and I was pretty optimistic about getting more than 3 balls. I would get there on time, and go right into left field. I noticed that it was definitely not as crowded as it was the day before, but we’ll see if that helps or not. Left field didn’t work for me at all, but I had a great idea of going to the first base line, and I had one of the best baseball experiences of my life.

Nothing was really coming up in left, so I made a tactical move to the first base line that would pay off. I looked for easter eggs my whole way over, but I sadly didn’t find any. I would end up near the Buccos Blast or whatever the hell they call those now. I wanna say Bowser sponsors it, but who knows. I would grab Ball #1 and Ball #2 within 15 seconds of each other. I was numbering the first ball, then out of nowhere this one came crashing down the line. I just got EXTREMELY lucky. This older gentleman had his grandchild(ren?) with him, and I beat him out for both balls, and he looked mad, but whatever. Usually if I get over 5 balls, I’ll give some away. He ended up with a ball, so not really feeling bad.

If you remember from my last entry, you’ll remember me talking about my boy Humberto Quintero. Going down to the first base line was probably the best decision I could have ever made. Humberto and I played catch for about 40 seconds. It was so awesome. He’s definitely my favorite Royal now, and he seems like such a nice dude. Zac Weiss came over and joined in, but then this obnoxious father and daughter duo came out of nowhere, and kind of rained on our parade. He was talking up his daughter to Humberto about how she has some “hell ovaaaaa arrrrrmmmmm” I jokingly said, “I don’t believe it”, and this daughter took offense to my pun, and snapped back with “It’s called softball”, but to make a long story short it turned into this girl and Humberto playing catch. He kept telling him how she’s so good, and asked her what she level of softball she played like he didn’t know? I don’t know. One thing I can’t stand is parents talking up and lying about their kid’s talents and stuff of that nature. I’m sure Humberto isn’t impressed about your daughter, you just have to be nice to impress people, not stuff like that. BUT, I didn’t count it when I should have, but whatever.

After this whole ordeal, I would stay around for a bit, and get Ball #3 from a Royal that I really can’t remember. It’s not helping that I’m writing this blog 2 weeks after the game… I just asked him for it after their workouts, and he gladly gave it to me. I would make my way to right field just under 5:30 in hopes of easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny brought me Ball #4 in RF.

I would stay in RF for the remainder of BP kickin’ it with my boy Harold. He’s such a character, and has THE best t-shirts. He’s been ballhawking since the days of Three Rivers Stadium, and probably has more balls from that stadium than I’ll get in my entire life. I wouldn’t get anything in RF except two tossups from Kelvin Herrera for Ball #5 and Ball #6. I’m very surprised he gave both to me, but he was joking around with the guy next to me and I, so he seems like a cool cat.

I would exit watch the Pirates smack the Royals with a final score of 5-3, and watch 10 minutes of Boys II Men. I only wish the Pirates would spend less on fireworks and other useless stuff, and more on players, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Ball #5 would be a hit over a fence by a friend.

Once again, thank YOU for reading. It means the world to me!

Fun Facts:
Game: 6
Season: 9

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