I’m not that boring, I promise!

Hey guys, what’s good?

My name is Robbie, and I’m a ballhawk in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I ballhawk at PNC Park if that wasn’t obvious enough…

I just wanted this first post to be a little about myself. I currently attend Slippery Rock University majoring in Secondary Education, and usually come home every weekend for games. I’ve always had a passion for Pirates baseball, and baseball in general.

Here’s me playing Little League at some point. Look at that purple! MMMMMM. I had all the ladies. (not really)


I usually drag my friends (this is Brendon and I) to the games I go to, and they’re the best. Only your true friends will pay to sit, and watch you run around for balls for 3 hours. ❤

This is Michael McKenry and I this season at a Season Ticket Holder (STH, I’ll be using this acronym a lot) event this season. He’s my favorite player by far in baseball. He’s so kind, and has a great attitude. Mike really resembles what a major league ball player should be. I’ve met him numerous times, always a good time. He seems so interested in what you have to say, he could be faking it, but whatever. He’s either a genuine person, or a good faker. I’d like to point out, he’s only 5’10, and I’m 5’11-6’0, so he’s a pretty short dude.

Anyway… (I feel the need to show off that picture to literally everyone)

I got hooked to ballhawking by reading blogs from various ballhawks in Pittsburgh.

I have a 20 game plan that grants me tickets to weekend games, and a pass to get into BP an hour earlier.

So, you can expect this blog to primarily be about my adventures ballhawking. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

PS: If you’re ever so inclined to hear from me when the Pirates are away, or to hear me complain about my first world problems you can find me on Twitter or Facebook (I follow back, and I’ll accept your friend request!)

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Scoonz
Facebook: http://www.facebook/Scoonz


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